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Family Testimonials


Feel free to e-mail us any thoughts you may have about JumpStart Academy.

Excited to go to school...

“My daughter started JumpStart at age 2 in January of this year. Though she took some time adjusting to her new schedule, she really has been flourishing in Miss Julie and Miss Val's class! My daughter now gets excited to go to school to see her friends and play outside, and always tells us about her day afterwards. We love hearing her sing new songs, count to 30, say the days of the week, etc., all of which came from JumpStart; it really is incredible how much she has learned in just a few months here! She still gets so excited putting her coat on herself. Also, I believe this experience has helped my daughter push past her shy phase, which used to include 20 minutes worth of hiding her face/clinging on to us when we would first enter a party. Thank you so much to Miss Julie and Miss Val. And thank you to Suzanne and Caitlin, who are both always so friendly and helpful at the front desk and via email.” – Samantha 4/2018

Not enough words...

"Not enough words to describe this school! IF you want your child loved cared for and educated, this is the school they need to be in. My family can't thank them enough!" - Judy 3/2017

Thank you so much...

"Thank you so much for providing such wonderful care to our little guy. You and your staff run such an amazing daycare and there is no greater feeling then knowing our son is safe and happy while we are at work. You have the most wonderful, patient, kind, loving and caring staff. Thank you again!" -Justine 12/2016

There is no greater gift than knowing...

"There is no greater gift than knowing that not only is my daughter safe and loved at school- but now she is learning so much too! Your staff always has smiles on their faces and a kind word to share and I love knowing that my daughter is surrounded by such positivity. She loves school and we love it too! Thank you for everything you do and for making JumpStart Academy so special."  –Maria 12/2015

I cannot say how much I appreciate everything...

"I cannot say how much I appreciate everything that you and your staff have done for my daughter and our family.  Jump Start has been an amazing learning opportunity for all of us.  I know that my daughter is well prepared to begin her kindergarten adventure.  The little things, to the big things.  You will all be missed but Jump Start will forever be in our hearts! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!" -- Ashley 9/2015

I want to THANK YOU so much...

"I want to THANK YOU so much for providing my son with such a fabulous learning environment.  Not only has he learned so much at your school, but he has also made many new friends.  I have always appreciated your attention to safety and health.  Importantly, when I talk to others about Jump Start I share with them the fact that you have taken the time to develop age appropriate curriculums for each class, which my son has benefitted tremendously from!  Thank you for what you offer our community." -– Taryn 04/2014

I love Jump Start!

"I love Jump Start!  I have sent both of my boys to Jump Start and I never had a problem.  They truly care about the kids.  I trust them with my children every day and never worry about them.  The staff is so pleasant.  The communication is excellent about everything that is going on and everything that is to come.  They were open through hurricanes and snow storms.  This helped me out tremendously since I work in health care.  My son was completely prepared for kindergarten after completing the preschool provided at Jump Start.  The staffing has been consistent which says a lot about the school.  They have become family to both my kids and myself over the years.  I recommend Jump Start to everyone that asks me where I send my kids."  --Jane and Matt  04/23/2013

My 4 year old son has attended JumpStart...

"My 4 year old son has attended JumpStart since he was 19 mo and I must say that this place is exceptional.  There are so many things I love about JumpStart, but a few key things are:


School setting:  from day one my son was learning.  Even in the younger classrooms, there was structure and circle time.


Cleaniness:  we found the school was incredibly clean, and they have daily cleaning regiments that make me very happy as a parent.


Great staff:  I love every teacher there!  You have to be a special type of person to choose to spend your days with kids other than your own.  The Director and Assistant Director do an excellent job of selecting those who fit in well and truly care about the well being of your child.


The comfort level I have with my son attending here is worth every penny of tution.  I highly recommend this academy to my friends, family, neighbors, and you!"  --Mimi  04/05/2013

We love JumpStart Academy!

"We love JumpStart Academy!  A friend of ours recommended JumpStart to us, and we have passed it on by referring another family there.  My son started attending JumpStart on his 4th birthday and he will be graduating this year and heading off to Kindergarten.  He is learning so much at JumpStart and he loves going there to see his friends and teachers each week.  As a parent, I love knowing that when I drop him off in the morning, he is in good hands.  I truly believe that the staff there really cares about my child.  It's a clean facility, family-owned, reasonably priced, and in a quiet location that is convenient to where we live.  I will continue to recommend JumpStart to others that need child care."  --Erica  04/05/2013

JumpStart is Awesome!

"JumpStart is Awesome!  My son did not even cry the first day that I had to leave him.  The teachers are all exceptionally knowledgeable and great with the children.  They are professional and polite and always communicate with us.  They have a great facility which is always very clean.  They also have class schedules so I always know where my son is and what he is doing that day.  I wish that my son could stay there longer.  They are like family to us.  I would highly recommend them to everyone in the area."  --Grace  04/05/2013

We just wanted to thank you all so much...

"We just wanted to thank you all so much for the excellent care, compassion, patience, and guidance you have provided for both our children.  Every day we dropped them off, we felt they were in a very safe and caring environment.  The entire staff has always been so welcoming and warm, it was like leaving them with family.  We can't say enough about the terrific experience they had a JumpStart.  We are all going to miss everyone's smiling faces and positive attitudes.  I'm sorry I can't say this to you in person, but I'm tearing up just typing it!  You have all been so great!  Thank you for EVERYTHING!  Best of luck you all."   --Shannon and Josh

First, I want to thank you for taking...

"First, I want to thank you for taking such great care of my daughter over the last three years.  It was really a pleasure having JumpStart as our daycare.  It is not too often that I get to write a nice letter about a place, but other parents need to know how wonderful our experience with you.

Not only is the daycare nice, clean and very secure environment, my daughter grew in so many ways.  I as a parent really like the secure entry and the cleanliness and my daughter loved the teachers and fun days.  I was sorry that we could not continue with our care with JumpStart, but unforunately it was time for us to move on.  I really appreciate how you worked with us when various situations arose in our lives.  If you ever need a referral feel free to give my name and telephone number.

Thank you again for a wonderful time."  --Lynn

We have been blessed...

"The saying, 'It takes a village' couldn't be more true! Since 2010, we have considered JumpStart a second home for our children. We have been blessed with support, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime. Graduation day is bittersweet for us, although we are excited to see how our son  will continue to grow during Kindergarten, we will miss the love and care JumpStart consistently provided. Both our children benefited from all that you do each and every day. There are not enough words to express just how grateful we are for you all!" -Carrie and Mike 6/19

A diamond in the rough...

"My son has been attending Jumpstart for almost a year now, and in that time they have become like family to us. It is so nice being greeted with a smile each morning, knowing my son is being loved and is learning so much every day, and knowing that he is in a clean, safe environment. Finding quality childcare has always been my biggest concern as a working parent, and I feel like I've found a diamond in the rough with Jumpstart." -Mandy 11/2017

We absolutely love...

"We absolutely love the staff and environment!! Definitely recommend!" - Stefani 8/2017

How can I ever thank you all enough.

“How can I ever thank you all enough. From the day we toured your facility, we fell in love. From the amazing, genuine care our son is given to the wonderful conversations with everyone. We are greeted every morning and always leave with smiles. J Our son is so well loved and cared for and most of all safe when we are not able to be with him. This is not only a wonderful facility but we have crossed paths and get to be with your amazing staff.  Thank you for keeping our son always laughing and smiling.” –Jake and Justine 12/15

Creative, approachable, understanding...

"Creative, approachable, understanding, objective, attentive, full of laughter, energetic, assertive. These are just some of the words I can use to describe the staff at JumpStart Academy. From the moment I stepped foot in JumpStart, I knew that this would be the place where my daughter would grow up. It was a combination of the warm welcoming I received along with the patience the staff had in throughly answering all my questions with honesty and care. Not to mention, the state of the art classrooms that provides each aged child with the appropriate activities to keep them stimulated and engaged throughout the day, the enormous "big room" gym that provides a place of refuge on those rainy days, the computer room where technology can be infused in the everyday curriculum of learning their basic fundamental foundations so each child can develop a sense of 21st Century learning skills, and the two sets of outdoor playgrounds that separates the younger kids from the older kids.

JumpStart have staff that truly enjoy being around kids. The amount of love and compassion each staff member shows for each individual student is overwhelming. The teachers take time to learn about each child and their families; no request is ever too much since they keep the best interest of the child in mind. Another huge positive about JumpStart is the flexibility. The owner understands the demands of working families and that sometimes emergencies or other obligations come along- sometimes out of the blue- and she will accommodate each situation as it arises to the best of her ability.

My story goes like this: My daughter started at JumpStart right before she turned 2. As I mentioned earlier, I knew as soon as I walked in that this would be the "place." Even at the young age of two, the students were treated like they were at school. They would learn academics, be provided with creative learning opportunities, and also learn proper social skills. As my daughter progressed through each class, she learned more and more academically, learned how to problem solve when situations would arise, and learned what it meant to follow rules. She learned the meaning of friendship and proper manners. My daughter is now in Kindergarten and I have gotten so many compliments from her current teacher about her readiness for school. Academically she is at the top of her class, her independence to solve problems does not go unnoticed, and her ability to follow rules throughout the day at school have all been commended. I give all my thanks and gratitude to JumpStart Academy.

As a mom, it is hard to leave your child in the hands of others knowing you aren't going to be there for every tear they shed, for every great accomplishment they are awarded with, and for the laughter they partake in. But as you walk out those doors each morning to leave for the day, you know your child is safe and in the best of hands at JumpStart where they will be given every opportunity to discover their potential. Thank you JumpStart for being there in place of me." -- Christina 11/2015

Thanks for all you do for our girls!  

"Thanks for all you do for our girls! You all are the best ever! Our girls are treated with so much care and love. This is our 3rd daycare since my oldest daughter was born, and it is the best. There is no place as caring, patient and gentle as JumpStart!" -- LeAndrea 12/2014

We are so happy...

"We are so happy with the care and attention our daughter receives each day at JumpStart. We love knowing that she is surrounded by such a cheerful and nurturing environment and people while she is away from us. Thank you!" -- Maria and Chris 12/2014

JumpStart is terrific!

"JumpStart is terrific!  We have a 4 and 2 year old attending.  I value that there is a cirruclum for each class (organized learning, play, art, music, outdoor activities).  The school is extremely clean and the staff are well-trained.

As a working Mom I felt guilty when I put my first born into school.  But then I saw the impact it as having on him.  He learned to write his name at an early age, is learning social skills and art...the teachers are great and he is happy!

The class size is small and has a 4:1 kids:teacher ratio.  There are two outdoor playground with rubber flooring (big kids, little kids), a large gym and a computer room.

The owner and her daughter are on site all day, and always available to listen and repsond to any questions.  They are extremely pleasant people!

They also allow outside sport organizations to come in (Soccer Shots, Kickin' Flips).  Classes are about $10 each, they take your kid (if you sign them up) out of class for 30 mins- 1 hour each week.  Great option for us since we did not want to commit to weekend extracurricular activities at this age.

Best decision we made sending our kids here.  I feel that they will be even better prepared to enter kindergarten.  Wonderful school!" --Greg and Taryn  04/11/2013

Look no further...JumpStart is the best!

"When my husband and I first decided to start a family, I researched many day cares, and I always came back to the website of JumpStart Academy.  When we had our son, we realized we needed a place that would attend to some of his special needs.  We looked into "home" day cares, but there is something to be said for the peace of mind leaving your child with an accredited and secure facility that clearly shows every child special attention.  The facility is clean, the staff is courteous, and the owners are always around.  Our son has learned so much by going there, and I have comfort in knowing that he is not just in front of a TV all day.  Thank you, JumpStart, for all you have done for us!"  --Melissa  04/05/2013

My husband and I spent an entire day...

"My husband and I spent an entire day searching for day care facilities for our son (6 months old at the time).  I literally left every single one in tears, certain that I would never find a place I would trust to care of my son.  The moment I walked into JumpStart Academy I knew the search was over.  I immediately felt confident in JumpStart.  The staff was warm and friendly, and I felt like I knew them for years.  The school is immaculate!  This was a huge problem in the other places.  My son has been attending JumpStart for a year.  He is in his third classroom, and each teacher has been amazing.  It is not a babysitting service, but a school with a learning environment.  They always have special activities around the holidays like a Halloween Parade, Holiday concert in the winter, and most recently an Easter Egg Hunt.. My son asks to go to school every day of the week, including the weekends :).  They have an optional webcam that I used for the first month.  I no longer utilize this amenity because I know my son is in good hands and he is having so much fun with his teachers and friends.

They have great outdoor and indoor play areas, and a computer room, so the kids are not just in their classroom all day.

I really cannot say enough about JumpStart Academy.  It is a wonderful place and made going back to work so much easier, because I trust all of the teachers and staff members are treating my son as if he is their own!"  --Lynne  04/05/2013

Nothing compares to JumpStart.

"Nothing compares to JumpStart.  We send our children there (2 and 4 yrs old) and have never had any doubt over our decision.  The staff is always pleasant and they honestly care.  It's owner-operated and the attention given to each child is amazing.  Our children love their teachers and classmates.  The building is large, clean, and secure.  Class sizes are just right.  There are two outside playground and a huge indoor activity room.  JumpStart has it all and they do it right.  We're lucky to have them nearby."  

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